Creative Process 

How we will work together


Looking to work with me? AWESOME! I have outlined how the Creative Process works, a checklist to confirm If we are a good fit & I’ll also give you a general overview of how certain Projects will evolve. 

You’ll work directly with me on your Project and our aim is to ensure that not only does your Project kick it out of the park but that your entire experience working with Zanzera Creative is a positive one.

my creative process and the six easy steps to working together


Six Easy Steps

Firstly, we will chat about your Project & discuss the requirements and timeframe required. I will then submit a quote for your approval. It is also important to check out my ‘Are we a Good Match’ Comparison below, to ensure we are a good fit.

01. Chat + Quote

Once your quote is approved, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule in your Project. Upon payment this is also your indication you understand our T&C’s. It’s important to keep an open line of communication throughout the Design process, so please feel free to email me any questions you may have about your Project or the Design Process.

02. Deposit Payment

Once your Project is booked in, we will begin on collating research documents (inc. Brand Questionnaire, Shopify/Website Questionnaire) and providing in-depth information about your Business.

03. Laying the Foundation

We will then finalise our Project Outline. As we work together to create your project, its important to understand that Ill be relying on you as the client to provide your final content, all in one central place (either Google Drive or 1x email) proofed, and ready to go.

04. Finalising Content

After receiving all final content, images and Questionnaires, I’ll begin the Concept and Design stage of your Project. I will then send over Concepts and Drafts for refinements. For Branding, you will have 3 rounds of refinements if required. To ensure we stay on track, you will have 3 days to provide your feedback.

05. Let the Magic Happen!

After approving final designs, we will plan out the Launch of your new Site or release of your Brand. Once you’ve announced your Launch/New Brand, I will also share on my Socials & Website.


06. YES – Lets Celebrate your Launch!


The Right Fit



Not So Much...

Absolutely, if:
+ You are organised and have a clear idea of the direction you want to take with your Business.

+ You have a clear vision for the future & your demographic, OR you are willing to work with our Brand Strategist to make this happen.

+ You are happy to work to deadlines, and understand there are tasks you will need to complete in order to make your Project come to life.

+ You already love the aesthetic of Zanzera Creative.

+ If you are looking to create your Online Store, you already have your hi-res product & brand images, product descriptions and site content ready to go (this includes ALL written copy) OR you are happy to hire a Product Photographer for your images / willing to work with our Copyrighter to create your written content.

+ You are happy to give me 100% creative freedom & have an open mind when it comes to the Design Process & trusting in our abilities & knowledge.

Not so much if -
+ You only have some of your content ready, and would prefer to chip away at your Project here and there, bits and pieces at a time (over a course of many months)

+ Your not really sure who your Target Demographic is, and not really interested in finding out.. Prefer to just create the project and see how it goes.

+ You would prefer to just give everything to us and let us work it out, and put it all together – you don’t have the time to work on the Project with us.

+ You don’t really vibe with our aesthetic.

+ You identify as controlling, picky or want every detail to be exactly as you believe it should be.

I love working with passionate + inspired business owners who have an exciting vision for their project. 

Does that sound like you? Let's work together!

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